Unbreakable eyeglasses easily broken

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Human cognition exhibits demonstrable and significant biases under the influence of capitalism.


The transcript does not do it justice. There’s so many pregnant stares, Ray J really doesn’t want Speedy to do it, from the start, he just wants this interview to prop up him and his (absolutely bananas) claims, and he thinks Speedy is going to cooperate.

He absolutely does not cooperate.

You can almost hear him think “You motherfucker” when speedy snaps the glasses, smiles, and looks at Ray J, who is just sitting there absolute ready flip a table, but knowing he has to contain it.


In other news, unsinkable ship easily sunk.


To the glasses’ credit, they didn’t cry, lose their mind, reveal any secrets, etc. In short, they did not break.


unbreakable…those didn’t even put a fight…they snapped like spaghetti.
at least Musk’s bulletproof glass put up a fight sort of…these glasses were just like…nah, whatever…snap.


Christmas. I think I was 4 or 5. My previous toy drum had had its head broken by me prior, so Santa brought me a new “unbreakable” drum from the North Pole. I was ecstatic, and at the first opportunity, I took it to show off to my best friend, who lived next door. A few seconds after showing him my “unbreakable” drum, it was history. A single drumbeat totaled Santa’s best toy drum, and Christmas was forever altered for me.


Isn’t calling them unbreakable and knowing that’s not true false advertising?

Yeah, well, that’s different in the world of hip hop. A lot of things are not to be taken at face value. Dr. Dre was not actually a doctor. Nobody called that false advertising.


It’s not hip hop though, it’s a product and it doesn’t do what it says it does.

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Oh, you’re no fun. Or maybe I was not funny. You’re right, of course. But how would he know, or care?


Technically nothing is unbreakable. The claim is always false. “Not breakable with unassisted human strength” doesn’t fit on the packaging, and would have still been wrong in this case anyway.


Yes but there are products that are harder to break than the average comparable item. Something like a ceramic plate and one of those shatter resistant ones, in fact i’ve seen those marketed as “unbreakable”. Yeah they do break but they can take a lot of abuse.

On the flipside these glasses just look like regular glasses that someone decided to call unbreakable. Then again, i don’t care and i’m not that invested in one thing or another i’m just merely wondering out loud the question of “is this deceptive/false advertising”?

“Unbreakable” is clearly the wrong term for an item you can break with your hands and modest force.

Maybe “Durable” as a nice vague term. Or “Tough”.


I think the marketer’s could have gotten away with the all-purpose, non-binary “resistant to breakage” claim.

It still got easily busted apart like a piece of junk, though.

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So true.


You say that, but he cured my glaucoma.

Here I was hoping for a twist ending.


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It’s unbreakable. Any non-reversible modifications you make voids the warranty.

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