Watch man's clumsy but persistent attempt to break into truck with a mop handle


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this is one of the funniest things ive seen online in quite a while. it reminds me of older school viral videos… i can only wait and hope that more videos like this are made, lord knows theres plenty of material out there to use


That fall had the potential of breaking his hip. Ouch.

Fun fact, spring loaded centre punch will/can break a vehicle window somewhat quietly and completely, windshields notwithstanding.


The play by play is fantastic. Though I wonder what the deal is with the salami and cream cheese quote at the end…


Pardon the French and all, but all I can think is:
Oh fuck that’s gotta hurt.
(and technically it’s German)


Is this Florida? This is Florida, isn’t it?


Unless gerrymandering has somehow incorporated Timecube, I don’t believe Seattle is currently in Florida.


Christ I’m tired of the Florida = Crazy cliche.


Maybe it’s an homage to longtime Mariners announcer Dave Niehaus (RIP) and his famous grand-slam call: “Get out the rye bread and mustard, Grandma—it’s a grand salami!”


I’d wager that poor crack head has cracked a few bones…and probably can’t get any healthcare for his injuries.


As someone who’s observed crackheads, I don’t think this guy is on crack or regular cocaine. He appears to be under the influence of a downer, most likely copious amounts of cheap booze, but possibly in combo with cold medicine, hand sanitizer or something else fools mix with alcohol.

At first I wondered if this was a radio station stunt like those people they pay to call in, but he’s obviously smashed and I doubt a station would hire someone to get pissed as they’d be unreliable at following a script.


It appears that the inebriated fellow has mistaken that vehicle for a piñata. I can understand his confusion.


Well: Florida is terrible.


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