How not to defraud Workers' Comp


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Watch person ridiculously fake injury for worker's comp claim

Concussion inducing fraud or GTFO!


I’d love to see the transcript of the conversation that sparked their fraud concerns:

Her: I just got hit in the head with a sprinkler!
HR: O my gosh! Let’s get a bandaid and some ice on that
Her: Screw that, I want a million dollars, a bloody mary, a steak sandwich and a steak sandwich…

Also “Pebbledash expanse of the droptile ceiling”? Really nice turn of phrase, Red.


Fux News Comedy Hour fiends eat that kinda slob up 24/7. Hope she doesn’t do too much time in the gray bar hotel…


Looks like Florida Man is not alone; Florida Woman is likewise a source of newsworthy antics.


How about plain ol’ “Florida people”?


Left hand: What is this?
Right hand: Free money!


I like the sound of “Florida Man” cuz it creates a mythic character in my mind, one fictional guy who is the source of the weirdness. Except for the weird stories about Florida Woman, who is likely a bit less dumb than her male counterpart, but as we can see, still not the sharpest crayon in the box.


“How did it hit you in the forehead?”
“I was standing directly under it, looking up at it.”
“F U! Pay me!”


Good thing this is a Felony, gotta make sure to suppress as many votes as possible.


I think Floridian is the most appropriate and inclusive term, denoting not only Florida people but also the crazy beasts that lurk there, like gators and giant white-gloved mice.


Techie friends of mine and I have a similar theory about Sony called the, “Stupid Engineer”.

He’s some honcho’s son, and gets to participate in the design of all Sony products.

As a result, they have really great products which usually have at least one (or sometimes several) really poorly thought out design decisions. And frequently these render the best features unusable or undesirable.


I considered that, but then it made me think I’d start calling Florida “Floridia”.



just throw in a slight pause (and a headshake): Florida, man.


Who was that fellow years ago (postal worker?) caught defrauding workers comp? He claimed ‘bad back’, but was caught on video moonlighting as a party clown, tossing a grown woman up and down with ease.


Rob, please write all your articles in this style; thanks!




What is even funnier is that she probably could have just sued for working in unsafe conditions, not committed any fraud, and then the video would have supported her claim.


In high school there was this one little creep who – after seeing me land uncomfortably kind of sideways on the gym trampoline – rushed over to me, saying, “Stay down! Stay down! People make millions of dollars every year getting hurt!” That was even after I told him I wasn’t hurt. The little schmuck looked and sounded serious. High school. Perhaps the parent’s influence?