A summary of recent research into Long Covid

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I’m on the waitlist for a clinic here in Seattle, focusing on experimental treatments for brain fog due to long COVID. They expect they may be able to get me in… around Fall of 2023.

In the meantime I’m trying a few things on my own with varying success (various neutropics, anti-inflammatory, etc). Biggest thing so far has been to minimize stressful triggers, but given the impact it’s had on my career, that’s a tall order.


I’m so sorry that you are experiencing long Covid. I’m hoping that there’s a breakthrough treatment available for you before the fall of 2023.


Yeah, it’s… not been great. 30 years in the industry… went from being able to architect multi-tier solutions, and keeping everything in my mind’s eye as I created elegant solutions… to not checking in a line of code in four months. Every time I try to change one thing, other things break, and I know I know why, but the pieces just don’t fit together anymore.

My boss has been extremely understanding, and I’m focusing on some stuff that still comes natural (muscle memory queries and analytical report creation)… but I’m counting the days.


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