A surfer finds his lost board 4 years later, 1,700 miles away

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Found in “Townsville”? I suspect foul play. Have Mojojojo’s whereabouts been established for the past four years?


The sea gives, the sea takes away…


Huh. I’m assuming it’s a generic, mass-produced surfboard with no distinguishing features that he added? So how many surf boards are lost each year, and what are the odds it’s not actually his, I wonder? (I feel a little skepticism, borne out of all those “man loses X in pond, found years later” stories where the found thing turns out to be not the same thing that was lost. In particular there was a story about lost dentures that turned up, supposedly, in a fish, that was a hoax perpetrated by the fisherman. Though this story is infinitely more likely.)

It was made by a local Tasmanian surfboard shaper, and it has some uniquely identifying stickers on it. It’s fine to be skeptical about it, but not for those reasons.


Ah, ok, that makes a lot more sense, then.

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(Most every board is a handmade thing, and most shapers literally sign their work by the fin slot. Very few surfboards are mass produced, and those that are are instantly identifiable and derided as ‘pop-outs,’ as made by Bic, some others. Here endeth the lesson.)

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Could have been worse, if it had ended up in the Dimmsdale DimmaDome, it would be lost forever…

Gotta ask: Why is that one large patch of board almost devoid of barnacles?
Class? Anyone? Bueller?

That’s where the octopus that was “borrowing” the board sat.

I wonder if my lost keys are there

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