A surprising way to change the way kids think about gender and jobs

Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2016/09/14/a-surprising-way-to-change-the.html


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The expression on that girl’s face when they walk in is amazing.


How are you getting it? I can’t get it clicking on either of the two options in the OP, nor if I actually scroll through the BB front page until I get to the right spot and click on that.

There you go, you should see it, and probably love it at a bitter way. I did.

Kids’ assumptions toward gender roles are turned around at career day in school.

And I found it by searching You Tube. There is definitely something wrong with a lot of posts lately @codinghorror. See commend #1 and #3. Around the board I’ve seen/read the same in other comments. And it seems it’s highly related to most of CarolineSiede’s posts.

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Thank you!

What are the first two things the kids say when the helmets come off?

“They’re dressed up.”

And those both sound like they were said by girls, not boys.



Yes… heartbreaking isn’t?


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