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don't be a dick


Double post for today, sorry for that. But I think it’s brilliant and want to share and share it.
Source: Wondermark, never change speech


It’s worthy. There’s a Malki! on my wall.


:slight_smile: Nice, do you want to share which one?
I think it’s quite often difficult to decide what/which to buy from favorite ‘drawers’.


This one!

The alt-text reads: “That’s what happens.”


Wonderfull, that’s a nice one.


prince saw you do that




I prefer this older one:



Reminds me of this classic(al) fight in the Ukrainian parliament last year:

Is Leia a Disney princess now?


Remember the reason for the season, y’all.


That's the joke simpsons tv comedian “That’s the Joke” is a catchphrase uttered by the fictional character Rainier Wolfcastle in a stand-up comedy scene from a 1995 episode of The Simpsons. Online, the quote is used to condescendingly explain the punchline of a joke, or as the deadpan punchline to an otherwise-unfunny remark. It can be also iterated in filename extension format, such as “thatsthejoke.jpg.” The quote first appeared in an episode of The Simpsons “A Star is Burns” which aired on March 5th, 1995. In the scene, an excerpt clip is shown from character Rainier Wolfcastle’s (voiced by Harry Shearer) new stand-up comedy movie. After missing the punchline, Wolfcastle plainly says “that’s the joke.”




I assume this can come in handy for certain topics :wink:



you are a robot rips off face hes a robot surprise mechanical man the end

Useful when somebody keeps repeating themselves ad naseum over and over again in the same thread repeatedly and won’t stop shutting up about it even when asked to stop repeating it again and again forever.


official star trek helmet space fun helmet spock starfleet flashing light emitter pulsing sonic sound wtf

star trek astro helmet oh god here we go again


I’m nacho friend. I never was.