A three-minute journey through the history of first-person shooters

At first I was expecting that, too. But then it became clear that, despite hitting a bunch of early maze games, it wasn’t exactly going to be a very in-depth journey through the FPS genre. It’d be interesting to see this done with a more complete list of significant FPS milestone games.

I wonder if they stopped playing shooters around 2013, so that’s why it stops there, as it’s really just hitting some of the best-sellers and the video maker’s personal favorites, rather than iconic games. (So it’s missing a bunch of obvious ones from the covered period, like, say, Halo, Team Fortress, Counterstrike or Left 4 Dead, and includes games like Killing Floor.) Though it also may be about picking games that were both in chronological order and extremely similar to each other, for transition purposes.

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They missed one of the greats: Labyrinth on the Commodore PET.

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