Doom 4 trailer

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“neat looping GIF”?!?

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Doom 3 is one of my all-time favorites. I certainly played the hell out of the original but I could still sit down at a Doom 3 terminal and experience regular adrenaline rushes.

Hopefully they’ve managed to get a shipment of duct tape to Mars in the time since Doom3.


Well… the five seconds look more like Doom than Doom3 did, so now I’m intrigued.
(I tried to like Doom3, and it was a well-made production in its own right, but it didn’t connect very well to the style or feel or atmosphere of Doom or Doom2, it didn’t really feel like The Next Doom Game. I guess the originals are so far in the past that most people these days haven’t played them, so connecting to them probably isn’t important, but I’ll remain optimistic, and I’ll buy it and try to like it even if it’s not what I hope for :slight_smile: )


I sincerely doubt they repeat that mistake. IIRC that was Carmack’s call originally anyhow.

No such thing. Maybe it was a deliberate attempt by the trailer’s editor to prevent BoingBoing displaying one of the annoying, pointless things.

Still yet to finish Doom 3. I think the major issue is although it was technically brilliant, it didn’t have the same blend of horror & gore and a sense of power despite the odds against you.

I think it’s the loss of John Romero - while Carmack is undeniably a tech genius, Romero was the gameplay guy. Lennon & McCartney were never as good individually as they were together…



It looks ultra good, much like Doom 3 did at the time, but all that flash didn’t cover up weak game play. Since Half-Life (and even some of the FPS games farther back) almost all FPS games have been linear. They may have exposed some open area to explore, but overall very linear. Now if you can tell a decent story along the way, throw in some varying mechanics, and a good dose of action then it’s not that bad…but the repetition of open door - oh look imp - fire shotgun, rinse repeat goes old fast.

Old games like Doom or Descent weren’t really linear, they just had massive levels to explore and clear out. I want that, I want to have to back track and keep on killing, I want some decent exploring.

(Hell I’d love a new Descent game…and how the F’ I managed to play it in 320x240 is beyond me…SO MANY PIXELS.)

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Most browsers have a setting, or lacking that, 3rd party plug-ins, that prevent auto-playing of animated GIFS.

Gotta say- looks promising. If it’s anything like the recent Wolfenstein (rather than Duke Nukem) it’ll be very welcome. In that short snippet we see that there is a) ye olde double barrel shotgun of ye olde Dooms and b) ugly ass monsters to play with. Yey!

I had trouble getting involved with Doom 3, I’m tempted to have another crack o the whip but every time I put the disc in the tray Doom 1 calls me back.

We two are one, Rob.

Currently quelling the Doom need with the boardgame, but eagerly awaiting the sweaty palms and panicked blind-firing into the dark that has always accompanied all things Doom.

Suddenly the Chrome Frame by Frame plugin for YouTube just increased its usefulness:

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Was planning on replaying it soon, after I finish my Command & Conquer nostalgia-thon. It is really is better than its predecessors in a lot of ways, it’s just missing something… more Doom. I think what it needs is that oppressive sense of deep horror, rather than just the survival anxiety of the gameplay. In a lot of ways, I feel the former is more important than the latter. With the older games, “Exit” really crystallized a feeling that 3 didn’t. Which isn’t to say I didn’t enjoy it. Quite the opposite.

Bah. Doom 1 and 2 FTW.

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