Wander through Doom like an endless nightmare


Dreams!? If only. When Doom III came out and I had played for the better part of a day, all I had to do was close my eyes to see the beastie-filled corridors sweeping by.

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BoingBoing has the most interesting errors now since the change over last year. This article now opens endless new tabs when trying to click the back button.

The moment everything goes to shit in Doom III is a classic.


Never had doom dreams as I never really played it that nonstop. I did cut down on paying attention to my LambdaMOO session a bit after dreaming all in text one time.

In highschool, I spent a fair amount of time making maps for Doom. The engine wasn’t completely three dimensional. The z-axis was really defined by the heights of the ceiling and floor. You couldn’t have a platform between the two like a bridge you could walk over and under. Map making was sort of like drawing a blueprint. …

Anyway, after a while, I used to look at buildings and start seeing, in my head, how I would map them out as a Doom level. There were all sorts of engine tricks you had to use to capture the aesthetic of a building. I don’t think I ever dreamed about map making though, not like Tetris.

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