Now everyone will be able to make their very own Doom maps and mods

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Did I miss something? We were able to create mods for the original Doom, weren’t we? Like, almost from day one.

Oh? Mods in those days involved more work? And actually having to read?

/ fer crissakes…


Seriously. Making maps in Doom was child’s play compared to making levels in Descent…


In watching some recent interviews with John Romero, it was fascinating to see how level designers utilized/exploited the original Doom engine e.g. triggering monster movement/teleportation by combining the radius of a weapon/door sound, hidden monster storage rooms and connecting “sound pipes” - make a sound, it travels through hidden pipe and monsters appear. Clunky but very clever. In the new environment, I hope they include the original design engine or an overview of it so that those new to Doom can appreciate the progress.

Now, whippersnappers will be able to easily snap together action events? I wonder if that will attract the Minecraft crowd.

I’ll never forget sitting in my dorm room in college, playing an Aliens hack of Doom that scared the shit out of me. The graphics were simple, but the sound was effective and the way the xenomorphs just suddenly appeared out of all that pixelated slime was amazing. Still my favorite mod of the game.


You probably had to walk barefoot through the snow for 10 miles too before creating Doom mods back in the day. Kids these days just don´t know how good they have it, ingrateful little bastards.

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Uphill, both ways.

And we liked it!


The title made me roll my eyes too–the modern game modding scene was essentially created by Doom–but the article text seems to be well aware of all that. I wonder if the title was written by someone else.

In any case, while AFAIK every id game since Doom has been explicitly designed to be mod-friendly, I think this is the first one that will actually ship with graphical map/mod tools, so that still seems worth noting.

I’m looking forward to it, I only had Doom on the SNES so wasn’t able to build maps. I tried the level builder on Halo Reach a while back but couldn’t really get to grips with it, this editor looks good to me.

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