BATHDOOM: A Doom level based on a terrible bathroom remodel

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I’m trying to figure out if that last image is actually the finished product or if it’s an archvis render someone whipped up in UE4 or something.


a bathroom that would appeal to cans of Axe body spray.

I’m… yeah, that puts it perfectly. I see this quote made it through all the reposts, and for good reason.


I mean, it was a little McUgly to begin with, but now…fugly seems somehow inadequate. This crime agaist taste reminds me of Ray Liotta’s house in Goodfellas


It’s very 007 Bond-Bathroom.


No brown demons anywhere?
Someone must have flushed.


According to the linked article, it is indeed the finished product, or rather half the finished product - the wall next to the tub partitions off this end from the other half of the bathroom.

A “before” picture is also provided in the linked article:

(One presumes the existence of a shower stall and a WC out of frame to the right).

On the one hand, the original strikes me as not very sane – the tub utterly disrupts the flow of foot traffic and turning it 90 degrees would make the room feel so much larger. Also, white? very boring, very contractor. On the other hand, putting up a literal wall behind the new tub is completely bonkers - like what is this, a Trumpian border wall between the his and hers vanities so the menfolk never have to be contaminated by girl cooties? Maybe it would sell to spouses who hate each others guts and are only still together because of the kids?

ETA: found the original plan on somethingawful. Looks like the idea was to rip out one vanity and replace it with a really big shower, then do a much more modest pair of vanities on the side with the tub. Again, I don’t see the sense in this. You already have a really big master bath, unless you need to make an accessible bathroom, why make it small and cramped again by closing off half of it for a massive shower? Why not steal some closet space from the bedroom beyond the existing shower, letting you make the shower more roomy without destroying the “laze in the tub while watching your servants toil in the fields of your vast estate” vibe of having the tub surrounded by giant windows?


What’s the problem? I think it looks wicked.

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Damn… even without the horrid color scheme and textures featured in the DOOM version, that is one hideous setup.


Yeah, I kind of like it too. I’d probably change the curtains though.


It is a mystery to me how anyone would put that kind of work into a perfectly usable bathroom.

Best case scenario, they will see 75% of what they put into it, no?


-Ok, but can the shooter finally get to become a shitter after all these years?


The original thread was promising. Man quickly installs new wall and vanity, man removes tub, in attempt
To make “recessed” tub removes load bearing component of floor joists, man realizes vanity wasn’t to code and removes it. The story had so much entertainment value, and then it went dark.


While it’s not very well made, compared to so many of the designs you see in interior design reality TV shows (such as “The Apartment”), this bathroom’s design isn’t so bad.

I would imagine somewhere out there is a Middle Eastern fan of V for Vendetta and death metal who would see this as just their taste. (My Dubai-style decorated flat used to have a similar wallpaper).


I feel like someone really ought to unpack “women play an unfair role in the house-buying process”, but I surely don’t want to be the one to do so, beyond saying that it’s not too surprising that someone who believes that doesn’t have the best insight as to what women, or any other humans, might want in a bathroom design.


Some people are aesthetically challenged. Others wouldn’t know aesthetics if it jumped out and bit them in the leg. I think this is the after picture of his bedroom mod:


“He’s a man on a mission; Defecon Omega: the Defecator II: the Re-defecating.”

For some reason, the 3rd-Person Shitter never caught on as a mainstream game genre.

A Bathr007, then.


Yes it is.

Yes, but which one?

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