BATHDOOM: A Doom level based on a terrible bathroom remodel

I’m enjoying that whole thread.

Also, I’m on page six and I only just realized why I keep reading posts with “gently caress” on every page. (I guess I never read SA much.)

Edit: although I never found the actual image of the finished bathroom used in this article. Where is it from? Or did I miss it while skimming through a 62-page thread?

The original thread was closed some time ago. The finished product is to be found in another thread, I assume. You may need to sign up to be able to see it, and I have not had the energy to go spelunking for it today. I’ll try to post it here when I get the spoons.

ETA. The finished bathroom photos are here:

The overall effect is actually far, far worse than I was led to expect by the one “after” photo making the rounds.

(Linking to google’s cache because the page itself is paywalled for those without a something awful account.)

A Quantum of Good Taste

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I showed the before and after photos to my partner. Her reaction:

“The only way I can see myself using that bathroom would be if I was high priestess of a blood cult into human sacrifice, in which case it would be the perfect place for my handmaidens to wash me when I was having my period.”

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You forgot about the part where his Linkedin profile declares him to be a “DIY expert”

Also the part where, after he proclaims that he is doing the remodel to enhance the resale value of the house by appealing to the wimmins, real women came forward and explained to him how he was doing it all wrong, at which point he started insulting them.

My partner pointed out that if, as he claimed, the whole point of the reno was indeed to have a makeup table (or “powder room,” as he called it) in order to make the wimminfolk swoon, the makeup table as provided in the finished bathroom is far too dark and ill-lit to be usable as such (plus you might not want to be putting on makeup in a humid environment).


almost everyone will have mobility problems at some time between now and the end of their lives

if you’re remodeling a bathroom anyway, your future self will thank you for making an accessible one


Quoted for truth.

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Oh my… Glitter wallpaper?

Good searching. My reverse-image-search only come up with the linked article.

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