"Hammock" bathtub




Prior to immersion, be sure to wrap snakes around your forearms.


It looks gorgeous. I wonder how slippery the inside is and, practically, when you lay in it if your butt would slip down to the point where your head and feet were at the same level.

Whatever though, cool use of carbon fiber.


It doesn’t seem terribly functional or efficient. Ah, well, mottainai…


But does the unlisted price include the Pollock?


I’ll be in my bunk bath.


I’d have water all over the place from getting all lathered up and then trying to slide down the slope…


So cool looking, but I could just see myself cracking my head open just trying to get out.


That was my second thought… multiple concussions. Perhaps water polo headgear would help.


At first, I was wondering about your spelling and how you determined that she was from Poland, then I noticed the painting.


Also ‘open air’ bathtubs seem really neat, but they get so damn cold because there’s no steam.


I wonder where they put the plug.


I want to know what the other painting is. The one in the fancy frame just sitting on the floor waiting to get splashed.


The article said that it empties into a floor drain, which I think I see right under the lowest part. That brings up another problem, soap scum floors.


Still looks too small – not deep enough nor long enough for proper immersion. Interesting idea, uninteresting execution.

(I also suspect it would lose heat VERY quickly.)


Is she included?


aka “Do you come with the bath?”


Soap scum would dealt with by “the staff”, not the target market user of this bathtub. Thus, no problem.


I despise style over function. Particularly in a bathroom.

Those glass bowl style bathroom sinks? Open air showers made of chunky tile? I’d pay NOT to have those in my house.

I use my bathroom sink to wash handkerchiefs. My tub, as a slop sink and place to wash and dry large cookware.


Needs to be about 4 times the size to be anything like functional for those of us who aren’t waif-models.