Toiletpaper Paradise: a bizarre installation of amazing, overcrowded decor


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The throw rug with the playing card sticking out of the hiney-bird is a nice touch.



Oh, cool, it’s Post-Pubescent Independently Wealthy Pee-Wee’s Playhouse.


I liked it better when it looked like this.


Ah… So this is who has been hoarding the brown mescaline… Share please.


Looks like a set for a fun John Waters film.


A nice pass through schizophrenia with a way out…I hope I hope this doesn’t stick in place and never lets go.


If anyone needs to attain a 100% chance of regurgitating some poisonous substance, watch Pink Flamingoes.


I kinda want to toss some jalapeno poppers in the oven and call it a restaurant.


Errm, I really like this. A lot, Really quite a lot. Like, that spaghetti floor/walls is brilliant.

It’s what I imagine my place would look like if I had the readies and the ideas. :smiley:


I guarantee that wouldn’t look half as bizarre if that spaghetti carpet and wallpaper were replaced with just white paint. But then it would only look half as delicious.



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