A chance to give back to a quirky, legendary game developer



I bought Tass Times in Tonetown when it came out and the boxed game came with some great pack ins. I don’t remember much, but it came with a Tonetown newspaper with some neat fake articles. It took me a long time to get to the end of the game and when I did the floppy it was on was corrupted and I never got to finish it.

Ah, Tass Times in Tonetown was clearly better on a IIGS (and keyed on the bundled print materials, if your binary is immaculate somehow) but the quirkiness level and stability were as high as mentioned. I remember there being a patch…a patch disk, maybe… So, find that one with your freshest local IIgs love and MAME enclave.

Get well soon, may your curry regimen (if chemo’s in the mix) converge nicely, etc.

FYI calling someone “obtuse” isn’t a compliment. You’re basically saying they’re dumb.

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