50 Years of Text Games book available as softcover

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Clicked through, couldn´t order. Anyone else able to order?

I got the PDF, which I admit I’m planning on printing out and binding with some hand-forged covers, and I’ve bought other things from Drive Through RPG before, never had a problem.

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yeah I just ordered from DriveThruFiction.

FWIW, it’s working now. Thanks.

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Loving the quotes about HHGTTG - this looks like a must-read.

I met Adams at a lunchtime signing for So Long… in Kingston Blackwells in 1984. He had a Mac with him (original 128k I think?), and once he’d finished signing I got the pleasure of playing the Guide game for an hour on his machine, with him giving me hints. A true gent and much missed.

I never did finish the game… maybe it’s time to try again?

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