Tabletop gamers gift guide for 2021

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Gotta plug Tim Hutching’s Thousand Year Old Vampire for solo play (though it does include a multiplayer variant). I’ve been playing it slowly for a month now and it’s great, especially if you enjoy creative writing.


I will second Inhuman Conditions. Yes, it’s only a two-player game, but it’s also a lot of fun to watch, so it works great even at parties. Between games of Codenames or Werewolf. It has also introduced people to roleplaying in a fairly easy, structured way. And the production value is amazing.


I was a Kickstarter backer of Ekphrastic Beasts and finally got my copy just in time for Christmas. It was a nice surprise when they reached their stretch goals and upgraded everyone to hardcover and foil stamp, but for the second run that’s available to the public, they also upgraded the binding (they had some issues with the glued binding) as well as the linen cover (it’s now higher quality and cleanable). It’s a really beautiful book.

still loving Dune: Imperium and with the expansion due shortly expect it to continue to get time on the table. Other notable games recently enjoyed: Beyond The Sun (sort of a 4x / tech tree space game), Oath, Horrified (both versions), Vampire Masquerade Rivals, and Radlands

I’ll third Inhuman Conditions. It’s just so much fun to play and watch, like you said. The box art is so fantastic I’ve started using it to practice my 3D modeling/printing skills by recreating different components from it.

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I kick-started it but due to Brexit had it delivered up North to save twenty yo-yos or something so it got trapped in lockdown.

And then the work game group has barely met because of all this shit.

Can’t wait!


Was going to buy thousand year old vampire today but the post was quite a lot turning it into an expensive buy. Would the pdf be even a reasonable experience? It would be a fifth of the price.

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Yes, I think the PDF would be fine. The book is a gorgeous artifact to have, but the core game is a set of very simple rules and a bunch of prompts that you move through randomly. The rules suggest using a word processing app anyhow, which has worked out well for me. There are times you have to cross out text; using strikethrough or changing the font color to gray works for that, without leaving your past writing permanently illegible.


Seems the dice is back in stock, just put in an order myself.

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Lot’s of great suggestions here! Nice to see indie games represented. That Fizban’s book on dragons actually has some Dragonlance content, too, with the draconian (humanoid dragons long before dragonborn) included in the book!

Inhuman Conditions is a family favourite!


I second that. The book is a lovely thing to have, but you can get by with the PDF just fine.


Yes, they are restocked.

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