A timeline of all of Facebook's scandals in 2018

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When increasing your profit is the most important thing in the world, no matter who it hurts or how much damage it does.


I just want to say how sick I am of seeing that man’s face. The notion that this bag o’ shit could be in the headlines for the next 10, 20, ?? years fills me with dread!

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I’d love to comment on this thread, but I’ll have to let my team get back with you, if that would be helpful.


not playing dumb, I really do not understand why people “need” facebook

maybe it’s a generational thing, I dunno, why is just not using it so hard?

does it just come down to laziness? this is not difficult problem, at all, just stop, there’s no such thing as facebook addiction or do people need a 12-step

That’s Capitalism 101, isn’t it?

https://www.facebook.com/mark.frauenfelder you still have a profile there, if that is indeed you.


Which number post is this accusing the folks here of being hypocrites, when upthread, it’s pretty much well explained and documented WHY they have face book accounts? Just… scroll on up and read the explanation to answer your question.

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