A Trustmark for IoT: separating the Internet of Shit from the Internet of Things


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/12/05/trustable-tech.html


I wish you luck. The Internet of Shit is the way it is because “IoT” makers are making money treating your home as a marketing vector. They don’t want to be trustworthy in this sense, they want to farm you for juicy marketing data. Protecting your data costs money, and telling you who they’re selling it to eliminates revenue sources.


I think you mean “Iot,” Cory.


Thanks for this. I hope that it expands and also that the BB store will promote more useful and safe IoT gadgets with the trustmark.


Why coin a new word when there’s already a perfectly good word? Trustworthy - it’s Trustworthy Technology. I dunno, maybe they don’t want to imply it’s actually trustworthy? “Trustable” reminds me of “truthiness.”


A very good idea.
That logo, though…


I instantly thought more of thischase-logo


It will ALWAYS be the Internet of Shit, because the impulse to make money at the consumer’s expense is irresistible, and the impulse to invest in proper security runs counter to the government impulse to control thought.


It is a tad alarming. Cyclic Group 3, C3, is warm and fuzzy. C4 is explosive.


You can solve some problems with it, though.


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