What should go in an IoT safety-rating sticker?


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What should go in an IoT safety-rating sticker?

“Approved by Cory”


“This device requires an Internet connection to a remote proprietary server to function, which may become unavailable without notice.”


“Put this product down and walk away”


Make sure it tells you what thickness of tin foil you need to block it’s signals. Other wise Alexa will be reporting back to Amazon all your bad thoughts.


This will not happen without government regulation, which means it will not happen with a Republican congress.


“Just don’t”


QC by Cory #7


“Product firmware will will never be updated for any reason. Usable safe lifespan of product limited to the time it takes to attach it to an internet connection for the first time.”


“This device is only secure enough to keep you from modifying it.”


OMG that illustration is painful. As a publisher, you could easily get someone with real Photoshop skills. Please?


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