A typography historian shares his favorite typefaces

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2017/09/24/a-typography-historian-shares.html


Nice stuff!

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Inte res ting. I w ond er i f he’ d be w i lling t o rea d m y m anu s c r i pt o n keming.

I’ m n ot g oi ng t o l i e, I have som e co nt ro ve rs i al v i ews o n th e s u b jec t.

(Awww, the filter changed my subtle 1/6th unicode spaces to regular ones. It worked in preview! Abort joke.)


You owe me two aspirin after reading that comment.


funny, i’m a designer, and i read that just fine. i’ve seen kerning horrors that threw me into a rage, but for some reason yours was fine. i guess it’s because it’s clear it’s a winking joke. well done!

to be on topic, this was a fun read on a sunday evening. : ) +1


comic papyrus…


I was going to say, “Hallelujah! An article about typefaces that doesn’t use the word ‘font’.”

Then at the bottom I saw:


I has a sad :frowning:


Blame Steve Jobs and friends. Basically nobody who wasn’t a typesetter or graphic designer knew either “typeface” or “font” prior to the first Mac in 1984. But the interface called the different typefaces “fonts” and the term was taken up by the public from there.


I am seriously disapointed he didn’t say in the end “It’s a dead tie for first place…Comic Sans and Papyrus”

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I blame the old Broderbund Print Shop program. It was massively popular on both Mac & PC and was the first time everyone started seeing the word “font”.

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