Terrific history of Benguiat, the 'Stranger Things' font

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As soon as I saw that poster, I thought “Choose your own adventure!” Sure enough… I wonder if a lighter weight was also used in the Usborne books of the same vintage?


[quote=“boingboing, post:1, topic:86985”]“he wanted to create a design that was pretty and readable in order to garner as much commission and licensing fees as possible. Back then, it was much harder to access different fonts so there was a larger incentive to have a typeface take off”.[/quote]Most people at the time instead strove to create designs that were ugly and unreadable and would garner minimal licensing fees, seeking assurance that their typefaces would remain obscure forever.


Thanks! That was going to drive me crazy if I didn’t know which childhood media franchise that was in! I think it was in a lot of OMNI magazine, too.

Typeface != font.

As someone with a smidge of a design/graphic arts background, I think that ship sailed a long time ago :slight_smile:


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