Ed Benguiat, typographical legend (1927–2020)

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as a designer, i learned with his fonts. i love his fonts. in fact, i had no idea until this video that some of his fonts are his – so, hats off and thank you to Mr. Benguiat. i have to say, your favorite one of your works is actually mine – but i’m also partial to the House Industries tiki font as well. (and wasn’t that used for Disneyland as well back in the day?)


Oh, man. One of the giants of 20th century typography. I was in design school during his heyday, and devoured his work.


Bummer… Stranger Things font man, you done well

He certainly enriched our culture. I think I prefer his logotypes to his actual typefaces - he was an excellent designer either way though.

Hopefully his art won’t die out. Film posters have been getting awfully bland in their typography in the last couple of decades…


Mark Simonson is entertaining on type in film


Those movies are all within a few years of each other. Now my research project is shifting toward:
track title font for movies, ranked by box office for each year. There are likely going to be clusters/waves of fonts coming in and out of fashion.

Yves Peters talks about Movie posters (he used to run the type recognition board at Typophile).

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