The typography of Star Trek

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Like the book,but not $40 worth of like. Kindle isn’t much better, and I have always found trying to read something on a Kindle with a lot of images to be nausea-inducing.

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As a huge fan of the blog I’ve coveted that book since it came out but yeah, too expensive.

I definitely wouldn’t want to read a coffee table book on a kindle, though! I’m surprised it even exists in that format.

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Heh, I bought that very font pack then.

Also, great blog.
Especially the bit about the fonts and logos in 2001.


Wow – that 2001 blog is just amazing.

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It’s Papyrus!

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Basically once a publishing house has eBook agreements and workflow in place it is pretty easy to crank them out in every format. You don’t need many sales to break even on what is basically an automated workflow. Plus what one person may consider a coffee table book about bread might be considered a cookbook with an unusually low number of recipes by enough people to actually make a non-trivial number of sales.

At least that was my theory when I use to do eReader software and we had bug reports from people where various coffee table books weren’t doing quite what they should.


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