The creator of Papyrus, the world's second-most reviled font, was paid only $2,500 in today's money


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Oh come on, now. Without Papyrus, club newsletters just wouldn’t have the sophistication and elan that they are known for…


As the article points out, he lost a mint selling the rights, but you’d think he could recover quite a bit of that by selling the original sketches they show in the article. The high-art hipster irony market for these has to be huge.




Like most reviled fonts, it’s not the typeface itself that is awful so much as the way it’s been overused. Any display font is going to get old really fast when people attempt to use it for body copy.


But… but… It’s the font for both Avatar’s title AND its subtitles.

Will James Cameron have to switch to Blippo Black for the sequels?


Clicks link from RSS over to post on BoingBoing…

Well played, Rob. Well played.


Hobo. With small caps.



we see what you did there


Alas, I’m missing this font on Ubuntu


Precisely. Comic sans really is pretty bad, but I kind of like the look of Papyrus; it’s just the usage that’s often silly. Arial on the other hand is a scourge on mankind, with its replacement Calibri not being much better.


At least Comic Sans has utility (designed for enhanced dyslexic readability – very asymmetric characters). Papyrus is a typeface that I wouldn’t have noticed had it occurred once or twice in my life, but it has become visually synonymous with ancient Eastern Mediterranean woo. A close runner up is the Spider-Man / PlayStation3 typeface for sheer cringe factor when I notice it.


Leave Calibri alone!

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