Comic Neue: a sophisticated alternative to Comic Sans




Can’t we just be happy with having Dom Casual as a font you should never use, and stop creating new ones?

If you really, really must use a comic-book-style font hire Todd Klein and be done with it.


Everybody complains about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.


Welcome the new font, same as the old font.
this is a joke, right? it feels like trolling, but i’m not sure if it’s serious.

**edit: OK, i looked at the link and see that all the wibbly wonky parts have been straightened out. It’s a nicer version of the same thing. Admittedly, i rather like the angular bold versions.


Finally, our long national nightmare is over.


grrrrr, I wish they spent the time to correct the kerning issues related to this font. Otherwise whats the point


I use comic sans just to piss off font nerds. I am a font troll.




Comic Neue should just be called Neue. It’s not very comic-y at all. I’ll stick with Comic Sans.


This is a lot better than Comic Sans! Then again, so are car accidents.


it’s ok, but it’s too polished. not comic sans-ey enough for my tastes.


You misspelled Tom Orzechowski.


How does the Universe not implode from existential contradiction when the word “sophisticated” and “Comic Sans” are used in the same sentence?


Because the univers is already as condensed as it can be while retaining readability.


Technically isn’t this ‘Comic Neue Sans’? There are no serifs in the font…




Of course, if you’re going to ask people to download new fonts instead of using Comic Sans, they could have any number of lovely fonts. People go out and actively seek out Comic Sans, they don’t look at all the amazing fonts available on the internet and think “Nah, I’ll just use comic sans”, they use it because it’s a default font that they like the look of, and they’re too lazy to go looking for other fonts.


C, I, J and 1 all have serifs.


This new typeface might be even more pointless than Comic Sans. The only time I have ever seen it as being useful was where it was used for the lettering in comic speech bubbles. Making the whole thing more angular defeats this one point of getting the hand lettered look without the work involved in actual hand lettering.

As with all “bad” typefaces, the problem is actually its overuse by people who think it looks good when used in contexts it was not designed for.
It doesn’t.