Weaponized shirt for demoralizing designers


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That is pure concentrated evil right there.


My Wife [30+ years graphic designer] caught that over my shoulder and now dinner is in ruins. I’ll ply her with a 88 Bourdeau been saving for this exact moment…


Still. What kind of raving munchkin would notice the kerning?


The only poetic justice for the existence of this shirt is finding its creator and beating them with a large slug.


“Weaponized shirt”? Hardly.


Is $21 the going rate for a t-shirt nowadays?


The best kind?


Does it also come in Papyrus?
Asking for a friend.


You sir win the internet today. Well played!


There’s a supplier of boat-building resins that prints the MSDS labels on their products in Comic Sans.


She’s surely been threatened with worse.


For maximal brain-splode, move the apostrophe.


I thought the idea was to get more people to read them. I can just see a fireman looking for fire fighting measures, and then just saying, screw it hit it with a hose! By the way they are now SDS sheets. MSDS is so 2012 !



Reminds me of this:


The evil cherry on top is the $21 price tag for a single color print screen shirt.

Also, uh, American Apparel? Really? I am a bit surprised she would go that route.

Also, needs a Comic Papyrus version.


A designer would never notice that. :slight_smile:


wait, is that an apostrophe or a foot symbol?
cuz it sure as sh!t looks like an apostrophe
a missed opportunity there

just look at it


For real style, you`ve got to throw in the ol’ backtick.

It just says, “I spent a minute staring at my keyboard trying to find the apostrophe, and figured this would do just as well”.