Weaponized shirt for demoralizing designers


Keming issues are the worst.


I hate you so much.


What you did there…

I loathe it.




I’m torn whether one with multiple fonts would be better or over egging the pudding. I guess my indecision means I’m not the best graphic designer, so in all good consciousness I couldn’t wear this.


Not really shocking. Yeah, it’s Comic Sans with a few kerning errors, one stretched letter and bad hyphenation.

How about mixing Comic Sans with a little Papyrus and Arial, strrrretching the words to make them faux-justified? How about using some faux-fat and faux-italic? Also the colors are much too harmonic. How about grey and blue? Purple and red? So many ways to enhance the uglyness in order to make designers vomit :slight_smile:


For $21 dollars. That’s the “shocking” part; that anyone would overpay for such obviously bad design.

Maybe it’s meant to be an ironic statement…


I’m fond of the ‘use process inks for spot color’ method. Mmm. Magenta and Cyan.


Exactly! Oh, magenta, cyan and white… the signature colors of every trendy early 90’s logo. For best results, use a quality font like for example ‘Fashion Victim’ or ‘Onyx’. Or straightout ‘Copperplate’. Hmmm! So classy :slight_smile:


I own this t-shirt:

It is in Algerian font but the shop makes London’s best double espressos so I will forgive them a lot.


Can’t see anything wrong with it on the first look. Good, simple, effective design with a very safe choice of colors.


Algerian typeface attracts almost as much negativity as Papyrus.I am happy to wear Ironic Algerian.


For a coffee store, Algerian still is a valid choice. It’s not the worst font. The problem is, it is mostly out of place and will not look good on your bookshop sign, party flyer or menu.

I remember a time where Cooper Black was considered a tacky font :wink:


Maybe it’s Papyrus on the back?


The backtick has its uses. If you substitute it for apostrophes in text you’re going to save in SQL, it can prevent some of the possible problems when you have loosely coupled applications accessing your database. Not that any of us would ever have had to work with programmers who made this sort of workround necessary.

As for Comic Sans, I have no beef with it. It has its uses, and on a T-shirt, where the graphic is typically a cartoon, it may even be appropriate.


A graphic designer. You get bad-kerning vision with the rest of your superpowers when you get your degree.


Apparently it has genuine JPEG artifacts as well:


A lot of graphic designers are going to be getting these as birthday and holiday gifts.

God have mercy on us all.


It’s not a restaurant, so presumably not.

Comic Sans is for passive-aggressive notes in the workplace and child care centres. Papyrus is for restaurant signs.


…And major announcements from CERN. Or do they fit into one of your categories ?