"Trendy font" blamed for bottle of "POO" sold by UK grocer


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Seems like either someone in their copy department is screwing around, or they’ve cut back and the person who used to look at copy before it went to press was sacked.


So, does anyone think this font is giving comic sans a run for it’s money?

edit: Upon reflection, it almost makes it look like a bottle of “artisanal” (pun intended) fecal matter meant for fecal bacteriotherapy.


Ding, ding, ding…we have a winner. Copy editors have been let go in astonishing numbers. They’re going the way of wheelwrights and coopers.


Looks like the graphic designer was “downsized” as well, and some poor untrained intern was made to do both jobs. The only thing trendy about that font is the fashionably lowered standards it represents.


I’m confused…it DOES say PDO, it’s just that the typeface chosen happens to have a uppercase D and O that are very similar.


In Italian it would be DOP (you see that on exported San Marzano tomatoes for example), they should have just stuck with that.


It makes me sad looking at store signs and restaurant menus sometimes. Good software means anyone can do publishing/copy editing/etc. for better and sadly all too often for worse.


This never would have happened with `




Which amusingly enough is probably in Arial depending on exactly what system you’re reading this on…


Yes exactly, the font is Freestyle Script. I didn’t realize it was trendy, but I might be biased because it was the font used for my high school newspaper masthead, 25+ years ago. I will allow that it is possible that the font is trendy while I am not.


wait…the POO oil is the same company making the CUNTY crackers…either their graphic designer is just having a joke at their expense, or they are doing this on purpose as part of the cheapest advertising campaign ever.


it’s a store brand of Aldi UK - and as the supermarket chain is a discounter you may be correct with ‘cheapest’


I have never been a fan of this typeface. I can’t believe it it still used anywhere, but especially in marketing…ugh.


I agree! I get sad as well. Just because you have the tools doesn’t mean you have the talent or expertise.


Another argument against stupid fonts with ambiguous characters.


Lidl are even cheaper than Aldi, but they probably won’t spend money on trendy fonts when Arial will do.


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