Google's new logo


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In Google's new logo, serifs a no-go



Pros only use Comic Sans or perhaps Papyrus for classy artsy fartsy stuff. nuff said


Your dry style of humor? I’m a fan. The avatar wink makes everything better.


Has Google actually changed their logo, or is this just a meme? I’m having trouble telling the difference between the attempted humor and reality right now.


Check today’s doodle:


The “G” seems to float a bit above the other letters.


I totally love their new logo. It reinforces their brand message, unifies their dedication to the Screens you Love, and provides a new slash engaging way to recognize the magic that Goggler brings to your life. The power, simplicity, elegance, and timeliness of this new logo showcases the Goggler brand from a fresh new horizon. Goggler is a part of your life, at all moments, and we here at Goggler know how much you desire–nay, crave-- a Thoughtful Reminder of the Fairy Dust (it’s not PCP) we sprinkle on your Digital and Only Life.


Wait… that font … I recognize it…! It’s GREEK RESTAURANT font. Well done, Beschizza. Well done.

Let’s start with the dolmas and then the spanakopita.


This’ll look great on their new Glass device.
When’s that coming out, anyway? I can’t wait!


IMO Paul Rand’s best work in 20 years.

More like Rand Paul’s best work in 20 years. Papyrus is the perfect font for him after all–cheesy and full of holes.


I’m impressed.

Do you, by any chance, write speeches for Rebuplican presidential candidates as a day job?


i should have worked on it for more than fifteen seconds, i totes forgot to add, “… something something Active Millenial Lifechoice” in there.


Go directly to hell. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.

Added: Papyrus is the Typeface of Dorian Gray.


I give you Eco.


Papyrus, Really?


As a design expert, I don’t understand why Rand didn’t use Algerian instead…or if Google really wanted to improve legibility, why not go for Impact? Wait, Impact Bold!


Yes, but the Elite Pros use obscure shit like a Da Vinci font.


That’s gonna leave a mark.


Why everybody wants to use something crappy just to look “modern”? This one was good enough for books and engineering tables a century ago.