How Google's latest redesign shrank its logo from 2,145 bytes to only 305

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If the font/logo is truly made out of circles (and other basic shapes), then they did it wrong. Even a geometric font like Futura has subtle variations in thickness because we need those optical corrections for things to look right.


… that never display well on small, hand-held devices and smart-watches.


Well that makes perfect sense, because big graphics files over 10kb put a strain on CompuServe, and I think America OnLine just kicks out an error.


On the other hand, it adds up. One file is small. The same file fetched a billion times generates a billion times more traffic volume.

But the new logo is still fugly. And there’s the HTTP request overhead that stays unchanged. Aggressive local caching would make more sense.


It’s amazing how just shaving off a few bytes translates to huge amounts of money when you start dealing with google levels of bandwidth.


Does any Google page actually use an SVG version of the logo?


regardless of what the basic shapes are when deconstructed, the logo is still made with bezier curves; there’s just less of them in the new logo. regardless of what the font is it’s never going to remain a font once approved. it will be outlined for distribution. i’m assuming top5tech has no experience using vector design software in the real world either that or they just want to chime in with some nonsense while the topic is trendy.


Why does the logo have to be in a bitmap or vector image? Couldn’t it be made in some standard, always-available, font and then styled in CSS?

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The lower case g /can/ be constructed out of circles and rectangles too. The part that “can’t” is just a verticle rectangle, and part of a circle, lopped off the same way the other partial circles are.


Exactly. Though it’s pleasing to optimise the vector rendition, it’s not particularly relevant when output as .png…

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Yea, that is not how it works. As Jason_Bass said, the logo is still made with bezier curves, just less. Imagine this cicles+boxes logo on non-white backgrounds, it would look like, well a circle with a box on top, not letters.

If Google cared about bit conservation they would not have rolled out the new Google maps.


If you have a really bad cell phone connection in the middle of Africa, Google serves up the smallest graphical assets possible. Before the new logo, Google used a logo that did not much resemble what first-world people think of as “the old Google logo”, because that ugly one-off logo was more compact on the air. With the new logo, Google serves up the same thing everywhere.


What the fark, man. This is copied directly from a Quora answer, with no attribution! @xeni, I highly suggest you link to the original and credit Ilya Yabukovich, whose answer predates this scummy plagarism by 2 days. I’ve also informed Quora.

Edit: In fact the website appears to have a ton of word-for-word plagarism of Quora answers. Compare this to this.

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Do you mean like apt-get install google-logo

Pretty much along those lines.

In a flavor for web apps. Maybe a tag directive that’d specify a hash of the given file, and fetch it only if needed. With the huge javascript libraries used in these days it could save a lot of data.

I would be okay with the new logo if only they had found a way to keep the double-story lowercase ‘g’. I always loved that kind better than the single-story. It also was more iconic with it (they even used it as their G+ icon, so what now?).

This whole debacle is, if nothing else, very Google. There are a bunch of nerdy ideas involved, and not much apparent interest in what the point might be, or whether that cleverness contributes anything to the esthetics or typography of this purely esthetic piece of typography.

If Google ever serves their logo as SVG, it’s in the context of heavyweight apps where a few kilobytes makes very little difference. Their front search page (not that anyone ever sees that any more) serves a 13,504 byte PNG, and the listings page logo is part of a sprite sheet with a bunch of other graphics, which is PNG weighing 21,493 bytes. If the new logo is saving them anything here, it’d be because of the flat shading (which compresses better), not the geometry of the letters.

As for the typographic merits, I’m sure there are plenty of web pages talking about that at length but basically, it’s an exercise in missing the point of Futura.

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The article was written for someone that don’t have any idea how fonts, vectorial graphics and SVG works.
So much time trying to figure how the SVG was made with circles and rectangles, when obviously it’s made with paths, like any vectorial logo.

You are right. The font is not perfect circles. You can see it in an article made by Google’s Design team: