Why Google wants to look simpler


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Well, the author is pretty much repeating what I’ve been saying all along, so she must be right. Right?

Go author! Champion my viewpoint to the seven seas! You’re doing God’s own work.


Too bad China has kicked Google out. The most populous country in world cut off from the pristine and righteous goodness!


The new logo, announced yesterday, is undoubtedly more pleasant and contemporary…

So this is a statement of fact, not an opinion? I guess I must be wrong, because I disagree.


Blablabla. It’s just a boring, cookie-cutter corporate logo in a Bauhaus-style typeface, sporting the same old clownesque multi-colored tints.

Nothing exciting, nothing new.


Maybe the two-looped g will go the way of the long s. Only time will tell.


It is pretty bland. They shoulda gone for a piece of fruit with a bite taken out of it instead…


There was nothing wrong with the original logo. I’d prefer they concentrate on indexing the Internet and providing consistant search results to all, regardless of context or user.



Got the change, now working on the hope.


Announcing the new Fisher-Price Play Family Product Family


More likely:


Hmmm. Not sure if that would fit in with the multicolored design.


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