New Boing Boing logo


“New Boing Boing logo.” I try to act casual about it but I’m smiling proudly. “What do you think?”

“Whoa,” Jardin says, lifting it up, fingering the iPad, genuinely impressed.

“Very nice. Take a look.” She hands it to Pescovitz.

“Synched up from the dev repository yesterday,” I mention.

“Cool coloring,” Doctorow says, studying the pixels closely.

“That’s #ff0000,” I point out. “And the lettering is something called 04b_19.”

“04b_19?” Frauenfelder asks.

“Yeah. Not bad, huh?”

“It is very cool,” Weisberger says guardedly, the jealous bastard.

Did you ever want to play questions?

New Jill (2 more frames)


I am not hallucinating. I am not hallucinating. I am not hallucinating.

Looks great, could use a bit more Splunge.

Am I required to make sense?


Meet the new BoingBoing logo, same as the old one?


This one is red; the old one looks like the favicon.

this one:

old one favicon:


I think he’s talking about the parent site.



Okay, it is a bit different. It’s all the same height now, plus capital G (and O?).

(but wait, that’s not the logo on the parent site…)

is it bOinG bOinG now?


Maybe I just don’t scroll enough.


(Why don’t I ever pay attetntion to these things? Now I can’t tell the difference!)

Cool man, really cool.


Maybe you’re just like my mother
She’s never satisfied.


We paid £400,000 for this.


Too cold man. Too cold.


The pixels are gourmet.


But are they artisanal?


Thanks for curating them for us.




“It’s like Lucent, only agile.”
—Lew Platt, on the links in 1998


She, uh, really seems to be enjoying herself there.


How’d I get so fucking tasteful?