Mozilla rebrands


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Yeah, that text either needs a new font entirely or to be italicized.

The change in colors makes it look a bit racing team though.


I have a logo suggestion.

(probably needs a Tokyo skyline in the background)


That’s some quality artwork!


“A terrible new logo that looks like it was cobbled together by a l337 13-year old hacker in an age when Spice Girls still topped the charts isn’t going to fix that damage.”


It’s not that terrible of a logo, there are certainly much worse ones out there but, portal logos have never been all that great. It’s not like they are branding a corporate history, philosophy or anything as grand as ‘do no evil’. It’s a browser for crying out loud. .

I think that it is more about Mozilla commissioning a new typeface.

"The font for the wordmark and accompanying copy lines is Zilla. Created for us by Typotheque in the Netherlands, Zilla is free and open to all.

Typotheque was an historic partner to Mozilla. They were the first type-foundry to release Web-based fonts, and Mozilla’s Firefox web browser was an early adopter of Web fonts. We chose to partner with Peter Bilak from Typotheque because of their deep knowledge of localization of fonts, and our commitment to having a font that includes languages beyond English. Prior to partnering with Typotheque, we received concepts and guidance from Anton Koovit and FontSmith."

The logo itself is lazy. As if temporary. They start to get more creative with outside help asking for contributions from designers.

But alas a work in progress it seems.

“:We will roll out the new brand identity in phases, much as we have with concepts in this open design process, so please be patient with our progress. As we develop our design system, we look forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions using the comments below. You’ve been with us from the start and we’re glad you’re here. We’ll continue to share updates and comments in this space.”

Kind of lame for a new identity roll out. Unfinished? or done? Do they want better?..

Does it stand out and drive customer / user interest and sales? Really, who uses Mozilla these days?


Firefox usage share was dropping like a stone but seems to have recovered a bit lately so i hope they don’t mothball it like they did thunderbird, though the community still keeps it updated. I really do not want to use anything from google or microsoft with flash and drm baked in.


Cool. L337sp34|< is making a comeback then?


Can you get deck chairs with the new logo on them? So you can rearrange them as needed?


Rob is all about the AESTHETIC apparently.


They got what they paid for


I dunno - I like it.

Was this the first time they used “://” like that in the name? I think that is clever, yet obvious.


Oh wow, that italicized version of the logo at the bottom of the post is way better. I think it pulls of the nerdy URL joke, while still being readable.


Surprisingly, I actually like it.

It’s not wonderful, but it’s not bad. And sometimes that’s the most you can hope for.


the :// should blink

:confused: /


Now it has two names. mozilla and moz://a



Don’t you hate it when your fun fonts don’t include all the damn basic misc characters?


I’m stuck using Gimp for a while while my laptop’s dead - the font handling is miserable compared to Photoshop.


I currently have the same problem. Not that my PS or type skills are much anyway.


Ouch, the kerning, it burns.