Mozilla rebrands


ja, der keming ist nicht ser guud

at least I get the joke and I like the italic version even more so


Moz://a, i like it. That’s Amore…


: /:ke :t as we//. Maybe :t wi// catch on :n norma/ on/:ne conversat:on. But f:rst we need to update spe//checkers because m:ne :s go:ng crazy as : type th:s. And we need to f:gure out a cap:ta/ “:” character because :t doesn’t /ook good to start a sentence with “:”.


But is it the Spanish //?


Tim Berners-Lee still regrets the double slash characters though.




I for one welcome our new moz [pause] backslash backslash a overlords.


They are forward slashes.




I like their version. I’m not a font snob though. Not a Comic Sans type, I just don’t get it when my wife rejects like 20 versions of Helvetica before choosing one that looks completely identical to me.

Will they change their web address to www.moz://


Surely @pp/e?


I like Universal-derived fonts, but that G, dude… Even I’m squirming and feeling nauseous looking at it!


Armchair branding consulting is easy and fun! We’re hardwired to enjoy complaining, it seems.

Seriously, it could have been much worse considering the “let’s open/crowd source the entire design process, because GET IT WE ARE SO CLEVER and also what could go wrong, right guys” decision.

Yeah, it’s a brand-appropriate gimmick. Just not a fan of design by committee OR exploiting spec work by any other name, personally.

But look at how much more shit this could have gone. Just look at it.

Round one

Round two


I like it too. Like @Mister44 said, I think it does what the best logos do. Include a clever nod to their field, and it captures their tone of simplicity and transparency/unpolished coder friendliness.

I would be more impressed though if this were their way of announcing a new moz:// protocol, and that they were ditching http…



Not that there’s anything wrong with a bit of retro Toyota Racing livery. I’d generally welcome more of that, not less.


the one in blue, lower right, best of the bunch.


I like For The Internet Of The People, unless I really think about it, in which case it’s ugly as shit.

I like The Good Fight but only for the goatse.


I like the red stapler, just because it’s cool that somebody would make an Office Space joke in a logo.

What? It’s an abstracted dinosaur-head call-out to the early days Mozilla artwork? OK. And a red stapler.


Agreed - the previous ideas were almost universally terrible.

I like the new one, and let’s be honest, every time a company announces a new logo there’s a torrent of criticism about it, along with the standard bullshit about how it must have taken 5 minutes and a child could have done better. Blah, fucking, blah.


I think For Internet Of The People is maybe the only good one there.

The Good Fight is just a little too Monsters Inc. meets Eye of Sauron.