Comic Neue: a sophisticated alternative to Comic Sans

Well, I use it because of the amazing comic potential that it infuses with my words to ensure that the true emotional impact of the humor is allowed to shine to its fullest potential.



Have you read “I’m Comic Sans, A**hole” ?

If not, you might be in for a treat:

I’m Comic Sans


I actually liked Comic Sans. But then, I was never typographically savvy.

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Yeah. “Sophisticated”? It puts the fist into sophistication.

What’s wrong with Comic Sans?

I keep seeing these posts which assume we know what’s wrong with it, but I don’t know, it looks alright to me, it looks better than a lot of other typefaces do.

I think it’s important to use either open fonts or standard fonts, too, because I’ve had trouble with text that looks fine on one computer not even appearing on another computer because of font incompatibility issues.


You mean, Comic NuiSance?


c, i, j don’t. didn’t look at one

Well played.

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“Comic Neue: a (more) sophisticated alternative to Comic Sans”

There, I fixed it for you.

I don’t get why this is getting posted everywhere. There are tons of comic book-style fonts out there and this one doesn’t seem very remarkable.


Fonts, fonts, fonts… I’ll stick with the tried-and-true “Whatever the Default Font On My Word Processor Is,” thank you very much. A true classic.


This gives me deja vu. Those letters look exactly like those the teacher put on the blackboard in early grade school, when we were just being taught how to form letters correctly, and were supposed to copy them stroke by stroke into the brownish pulpy high-acid lined pages of our notebooks (with a dashed line between upper and lower solid lines as an additional guide for calibration.) Using one of those old double-thick pencils, of course.

(This was back in the 1950’s.)


In all seriousness, what is with the outrage against Comic Sans?

Is it about putting oneself into an elite status with little commitment or expertise by saying, “This thing is for the hoi polloi and just by me mocking it, I’ve proven that I’m knowledgeable and certainly not one of them.”


I had the same in the '80s. I had a lot of trouble - I still would - using such awkward pencils and drawing such big letters.

Hey, now, Richard Starkings does fantastic work, as does Nate Piekos. There are plenty of solid options for people who can’t get ahold of the industry’s single most awarded letterer/typographer.

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Back in school I’d use a bright blue comic sans on every assignment I could. It was funny how many teachers (even in college) would specify “typed” without being more specific. And I never once lost points for it.


I know, I was mostly joking based on Todd’s prevalence in the industry today (I mean, I know there must be books he doesn’t do, but it seems like he does almost every one I read). There are a lot of great people that you should go hire before using comic sans.

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I think I agree with Mark Evanier’s thoughts on it.

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i believe the expression is you can’t cure ugly? or was it you can’t polish a comic sans turd? hmm…