Comic Neue: a sophisticated alternative to Comic Sans


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I like Computer Modern. It says something about my writing process,

There shall be no forgiveness. Those that hide sin beneath a veneer of righteousness will not be spared. They will be destroyed like all the rest.

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“Am I seeing double? There’s two of everyone but me. Wait a minute, who are you? Take that!”
“Am I seeing double? There’s two of everyone but me. Wait a minute, who are you? Take that!”

I bet it still looks like crap at 1200 pt on a store awning.


Let me show you people designing really sophisticated fonts :

Plus, this Comic Neue seems really far for Comics Sans and the spacing maybe need a bit of polish (between F and O, C and K…), but, hey, that’s a nice piece. There is a lot of alternative for comics lettering ant I’m always surprise to see how much American authors use digital lettering, handmade is fine too !

In my head I instantly read that out to myself in the Hal Douglas movie voice.

Only funny if you don’t speak german.

@MarjaE and @gregg_grose

There would be nothing wrong with Comic Sans if it had been used appropriately. However, we see it used everywhere with no thought about how suitable it is. Childrens party invitation, OK. Anything to do with a funeral, not OK unless it is for Kim Jong Un, Robert Mugabe or someone else most of the world will be glad to see gone. Safety notices should not be made in a typeface that suggests silliness.

The problem now is that the damage has been done. Comic Sans has been overused and misused almost to the point of uselessness. It can still be useful to some people who are dyslexic, as long as they don’t mirror their letters, but even in this case there are better alternatives.

I tried caring because I was an art major, and then I realized I don’t give a fuck about fonts because I wasn’t that kind of art major.

You know what looks cool? Hand lettering!


I have a friend who always used to handwrite her essays at university because she’s a perfectionist and if she word-processed them she would spend too long making changes. One of her supervisors said that essays had to be typed. She bought a typewriter.

You can drive a truck through that kerning.

You know, I used to grade papers and the font never made much of an impact on me. I just didn’t want to have to try to figure out difficult handwriting! But frankly if a person had neat handwriting I would not have cared. Just getting a paper that was not a) plagiarized and/or b) incoherent was great. I can’t imagine why some one would take off points for a font unless it was a design class.

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Yes, here the real problem is that Microsoft, with all their resources, cannot seem to hire a graphic designer to help select elegant fonts for inclusion with Office, nor can they seem to hire one or a team to properly design PowerPoint templates and the default styles in Word. So many design abominations would be solved if they would make some decent design available to the masses.


I never did get the obsession with different fonts being better than others. As long as I can distinguish between different letters (not you Ariel), then what more do you need?

I think most people who would use Comic Sans for their own comic probably could never afford to hire a letterer in the first place :wink: That said, they would be better off using their own hand lettering. Most genuine handwriting would be better than Comic Sans: At least it would have character, movement and idiosyncrasies from the artist’s own hand, which is an acceptable part of the artwork because it usually matches with the rest of the linework (as long as it is still decipherable).

Few ‘comics’ fonts manage to have the character and appeal of actual comic lettering. ‘Comics’ seems to be a codeword for ‘wonky and childish’, which is probably my worst criticism of Comic Sans: It is warped-looking and it looks like fat crayon, certainly not a lettering pen. Anime Ace is a bit better because, at least, it doesn’t look all bouncy and distorted and has a nice forward motion. But it does look very ‘digital’ and has been used so much that it is instantly screams Anime Ace! when you’re trying to read…

Comic artists who must use a pre-made font are better off searching through ‘handwritten’ fonts. There are some nice ones out there that don’t look like they were hurriedly scribbled in MS paint.

I’m researching schools for my daughter and I am awash in Comic Sans. About 95% of school sites use Comic Sans (along with awful layout and loud primary colours). I can’t help but have a few nagging concerns:

A) Schools’ budgets are so crappy that most can’t even hire a real web designer for their web site.

B) My kid is not going to learn much about design/aesthetics in this establishment.

Note: The only school with a beautiful, professional-looking, well-organized website was a private Montessori that charges $12 000 a year tuition. We can only afford Comic Sans sob


As a graphic designer, I think what’s annoying with Comic Sans overuse is that it’s a symptom of the ‘design is useless decoration and anyone can do it well’ mentality of the ignorant many that Steve Jobs hated so much.

If you learn anything about typography it becomes kind of obvious that people choose comic sans because they think ‘arial’ (all sans serif) and ‘times new roman’ (all serif) all look the same and are boring, so why not use the children’s crayon one to be clever and friendly and ‘different’?

To me that’s the design equivalent of gifting someone a $5 bottle of peach wine cooler, because all the other wine options in the store were the boring old ‘white’ and ‘red’ types and they deserved something special.


I used to hand write all of my lab reports – I typically got the highest scores (this was the late 80’s and I think that the others spent so much effort getting equations/etc to work in the word processors of the time, that they didn’t put as much effort into interpreting what they learned in the lab…) My lab partner (who was a Masters-level student) used a fancy type-setting program (LaTEX? perhaps) – he would always say that the prof just didn’t bother reading my reports as carefully :smile:

It suggests silliness? Maybe to you, it does, but to me, it doesn’t.

A few days ago, I ran across someone arguing from the ‘fact’ that odd numbers suggest masculinity, and even ones femininity, or maybe the reverse. I have also encountered the ‘fact’ that any round things, and any things wider than they are tall, suggest femininity.