A US cop made an Irish "Blue Lives Matter" shirt that accidentally said "Black Lives Matter"

And Bill Clinton did a thing!

I think the thing that surprised me the most was people voluntarily moving back. Emigration shifted to a temporary thing you did for work, or to earn money before college. Rather than a get the fuck out of here sort of thing. Far fewer undocumented Irish immigrants in my basement after 2005.

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This is the gif for all people getting tattoos/t-shirts in languages they don’t understand, frankly.


Wonderful storytelling, 10/10, would read again.


Can blue men sing the whites?

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Might it not mean “black” as in the Black Irish, though?

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Very few of these people thought “blue lives” mattered when Obama was president. They thought they had a literal Second Amendment right to shoot a cop with their pathetic little peashooters if someone they didn’t like was in office, because OMG tyranny they’re coming 4 teh gunz etc etc. Now that Trump is president and nobody’s coming for their guns, all of a sudden blue lives matter.

“Blue lives matter” means “we want the jackbooted thugs on our side”.


It depends who we’re talking about.

The sovereign citizen types, the militias, commando cosplayers . . . they were always 100% in favor of shooting at cops. But my impression is the people who love the “blue lives matter” slogan are mostly cops and more mainstream conservatives who think they have to choose between cops and criminals. They willfully ignore that cops can be criminals too.

And there is a difference between federal agents and regular police, too. Fox News loves to demonize federal agents, but they will grant sainthood to the local thug-in-blue, and side with him over anyone he might kill or arrest. Even during Obama’s presidency.


That’s dubh/black. And it would be the exact same connotations as are usually conveyed by dubh, primarily hair color. Aside from the dodgey concept of Black Irish, there are loads of people and peoples in Irish history who get described that way for the same reasons. All dubh. Kind of like how dark is used in the phrase “tall dark and handsome”.

Gorm literally means blue. It’s just that in the Irish language you call those skin tones blue not black. So “Blue” carries the same connotations as “black” does in English with regards to race. Blue people, rather than black people basically.

Gorm = Blue
Dubh = Black
Daoine gorma = Black people.

Now that you have grasped that logic let’s start working on the genitive case, or tuiseal ginideach, which is a grammatical hand grenade that you lob into any sentence and completely ruin the spelling of any nouns.


Is that maybe the point of the tattoo?

Expressing Irish identity with the phrase that everyone remembers from being forced to learn Irish in school etc…?

People tattoo all sorts of stupid shit on themselves. I would not put it beyond someone to tattoo “the most important Irish phrase” as a sort of inside joke to others that suffered through forced language.culture education.

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It may well be. Afterall, @thomdunn has a tee-shirt with that written on it and one man’s tee-shirt is another man’s tattoo.

We may never know for sure…


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