A very dark, sumptuous, tripped-out take on the classic tale of Pinocchio


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Dismey hasn’t sued him yet? Slacking on the job, guys.


For those looking for pictures, an Amazon reviewer posted some.


Can anyone help with how many of his works are in English?
I’ll be looking to collect these, ISBN would be a huge help if you’ve a copy to reference!
Gareth Branwyn, can you track these down?


I read this in french years ago, my french is pretty terrible but I still managed to follow it easily enough. It’s fantastic, but pretty fucked up. There’s actually very little dialog in it now that I think of it, I think it was mostly from Jiminy Cricket (who’s story is separate from the main story, more of an aside).


$145 !???

Oh. You can get used for . . . $126.


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