A very dark, sumptuous, tripped-out take on the classic tale of Pinocchio

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Dismey hasn’t sued him yet? Slacking on the job, guys.

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For those looking for pictures, an Amazon reviewer posted some.

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Can anyone help with how many of his works are in English?
I’ll be looking to collect these, ISBN would be a huge help if you’ve a copy to reference!
Gareth Branwyn, can you track these down?

I read this in french years ago, my french is pretty terrible but I still managed to follow it easily enough. It’s fantastic, but pretty fucked up. There’s actually very little dialog in it now that I think of it, I think it was mostly from Jiminy Cricket (who’s story is separate from the main story, more of an aside).


$145 !???

Oh. You can get used for . . . $126.

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