A website that lets you play with your phone phreak blue box


Unfortunately as TFA states this also requires a time travel app, in-band tone control finally died when the last user, a micro-bell local telco in Minnesota stopped using it in the early 2000s. It made me sad, I used to dream of blueboxing long distance for dialup BBSs, I never did it though instead incurring occasional parental wrath rather than the feared FBI or FCC visit.
Damn, I need to build my kids a bluebox now, that projectmf is pretty cool!

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They don’t work any longer (at least in most parts of the world)…"

The ProjectMF server can be accessed via the PSTN on 630-485-2995. The switch will play back recorded instructions when you dial in. You must have a blue box handy and understand how to use it to have any fun with this.

I must understand how to use it? I know that I am not dialing if I am using DTMF hardware,

My locality was already beyond blue-boxibility by the mid 90s, when I tried it.

This is Euro Truck Simulator for the geek crowd. Whether that’s good or bad is up to your interpretation.

I experimented with a number of phreaking methods back in the day. Had a ton of fun but limited most of my actual illegal stuff to pay phones. Unlike my friends that ended up raided by the fbi. I guess that’s fun in its own way?

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An alternate Arduino-based blue box design created by the creator and maintainer of ProjectMF is at:

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