A white supremacist makes an interesting discovery




oh what sweet, ironic karma.
I live about 5 miles from Dave Chappelle and I’m pretty sure I can hear him cackling.


I have seen quite a few “Skinhead discovers that they are Jewish” stories over the years – usually some Eastern European whose parents/grandparents hid their background due to WWII – that usually have a happy ending. I think that Cobb is going to live a life of self-loathing and denial… (de Nile – something else from Africa)


Karma… it is so sweet. Twenty bucks says this guy either commits suicide out of self loathing, or his former pack turns on him. All he had in his life was a thin facade of assumed tribal identity wrapped around a core of hate and loathing of anything out of his tribal identity. And now the facade has been turned into a mirror, facing inwards. Have fun!


so… did he also divorce his wife?


Turns out we’re all mud people! Who knew?


Everyone’s african if you go back far enough.


I have seen the enemy and he is … uhhh… never mind.


I believe this is quite common, white people being a bit black. If you take any white guy off the street here in the USA or Norway or anywhere, he’ll be 10-20% black, maybe more. The root reason is that the racial divisions have only the most tenuous connection to reality. Not that I’d expect this ignorant clown to know any of that.


I guess the good news is that Bobby Harper wont be the only black man in Leith, ND anymore…


Maybe it’s Afrikaner…that’s sub-sarahan, right?! (He no doubt thought desperately)


I’m not sure that giving this ass-clown the attention he wants is the best strategy.


Something about a pot calling a cracker black…


Not me.

I’m a pure Pangaean.


How does one end up exactly 14% black? Because if either exactly 7/50 or exactly 1/7 of his genetic ancestors were black, then he’s got much bigger genetic peculiarities than mere African genes.

(Yes, yes, I know, 9/64 is 0.140625, but rounding to 14% sure jumped out at me as peculiar.)


He is most likely 1/8 African (12.5%) - perhaps mom and dad were both 1/16…


It’s a homeopathic thing, you wouldn’t understand.


I think that a large part of the answer is that 14% isn’t an exact figure. The genes that they are identifying as sub-Saharan African are, at most, strongly correlated to recent ancestors being from sub-Saharan Africa. There should be some error bars.
Edit: Just watched the video and I wanted to mention: He thinks the error bars are 14%. I was thinking something closer to 2%.
Another Edit: Also, you get half of your genes from each of your parents but you don’t get a quarter from each of your grandparents (except on average). There is always a small probability of getting extreme situations where most of your paternal (or maternal) genes came from a single grandparent.


Just wait until he tries to deny it by showing around his family tree, and someone points out that the discrepancy just means one of his great grandfathers… wasn’t.

Probably the one who was always out of town on Klan business.


Does that mean that he once had a black guy inside of him and now his genes have retained a “memory” of that incursion?