Aaron Swartz's "Against School" - business leaders have been decrying education since 1845

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Ah, so your theory is that it’s a conspiracy?:grin:

This rather butchers the actual history. Employers fought very hard against child labour laws and compulsory schooling that would reduce the pool of cheap labour. Getting public education for children was a major goal of the 19th century labour movement. There is some truth to the idea that modern mass schooling is partly modeled on the capitalist factory, but schools were not direct instruments of capitalist labour discipline. If anything, children were less likely to go on strike than adults.

Also the “American model of freedom” is horseshit. It never historically existed in any significant form. It ignores the enormous amount of plantation slavery that built the early US and that the vast majority of the free population were wage laborers already. Like this is just libertarian pabulum.


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