LA's teachers are ready to strike on Tuesday, rejecting privatization of public education

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Education is not a jobs training program in which students are customers.

Education is a public good, and an educated populace is better for the collective well-being of the public.

Education is a fundamental human right.






Enslaving minds is more profitable than enslaving bodies.



Roger That!


Agreed. And public education done properly is a great equalizer for people and a sound investment for government.

So where did all of this go off the rails, after functioning reasonably well for so many, many, decades?

This is not a blue state or a red state disease. It’s found everywhere, and it’s not solely related to teacher compensation.

Dig deep into this you’ll find the same clues. Rapid, unsustainable increases in parasitic administration. Ever higher demands for educating children of illegals - with no commensurate contribution to the tax rolls. Testing…to discover just how deep the shit is we’re in.

That’s true in universities AND public schools.

First rule of holes is to quit digging the hole.

The teachers are mostly blameless here. We gave them a suicide mission. Most teachers only want a reasonable wage and a modest pension they can count on. In many states - they have neither. They DO face a constant erosion of economic security and constant escalation of demands made upon them.

California/LA is every bit as dumb as Kansas. They just found new ways to shoot themselves in the foot.

These charter school carpetbaggers seizing government titty? They are the same people bringing mass immigration. They create the problem - then they solve it. Emptying your pockets along the way. Like selling munitions to both sides.

Start getting serious about admin control in schools, start getting serious about immigration enforcement (including prison time for people like Davos and her ilk) - and you’ll see the education world shape up rapidly.

Elite larceny and immigration go hand in hand. How many times must we learn the wages of slavery?

The religious connection with charter schools is bullshit. This is ONLY about the money. Don’t get distracted by what the elites are feeding you. They want all the chips, and government allows them to collect.


Ah, yes, those crafty illegals, sucking up all the resources for those good whites… /s


The education of children of illegal immigrants is also a public good.

You seem to be suffering from the same delusional logic that says illegal immigrants should not be licensed to drive, have access to health care, etc. That makes everyone worse off. (Right? Untrained drivers on the road, infectious disease more likely to spread, etc.). An educated populace (notice that is a different word than “citizenry”) is a public good: increases economic and social productivity, decreases number of homeless folks you need to step over on the sidewalk, and decreases the number of folks seeing burgling your home as a viable recourse.


Why bother educating the help? /S


What? NO! Because education is a limited resource that we should only dole out to the deserving… and by deserving, we mean rich white people… /s

Exactly, this one gets it!!! /s




I would greatly appreciate it if you didn’t use this type of dehumanizing language on this board. For one, it is against the rules.


From that Guardian article:

“It is clearly right and progressive that people who go on to earn a graduate post and salary should make a contribution to the cost of their courses. Lowering fees would benefit the highest-earning graduates only, who are the ones most likely to repay in full."


Excellent write-up! It seems it is our fate that all facets of life are corporatized… What is the endgame? Once the nation-state has been completely neutered (the minds of our children being the final nail in the coffin)… Is it truly just profit?

Perhaps privatization of everything will lead to a centrally planned economy, once Google acquires it all. Or maybe it will be Apple. Fanboy will take on new meaning. The Tech Crusades cometh.

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The Democratic Party establishment fucking loves Ronald Reagan and firmly embraces the doctrine that says that state functions should be shifted to for-profit private hands

Oh that’s crap. The links to support that they “love Reagan” show how they are trying use Reagan to shame the Republicans, to show how far batshit right wing they’ve become, to a point where even Reagan would call them batshit insane. The link to show they “firmly embrace” privatization is a quote from Pelosi saying “we’re capitalists” which doesn’t mean you privatize everything. We have been a capitalist country our entire existence and that includes all the time before the Republicans’ privitization schemes kicked into full gear; we were capitalist during the New Deal. Capitalism doesn’t mean Privitization, any more than Socialism means no private businesses are allowed.

Of course some Democrats like Reagan, a lot of them voted for him. And the Democratic establishment is centrist, being dragged there by the voters who would have voted straight Republican for two decades if the Democrates hadn’t moved to the center. The whole axis in the U.S. titled far right so that now we have a completely unrecognizable Republican party to the extreme right, and the Democrats filling in the rest of the spectrum, and successfully winning 6 of the last 7 elections by popular vote.

Meanwhile the “far” (for the U.S.) left has been steadily growing and has become a huge cohort, especially among younger voters. Not sure why this means there has to be a war between this group and the Democratic leadership, or shitting on either side as we try to vanquish Trump and the batshit Republicans who are the real problem.


Rich white people in Los Angeles don’t send their children to LAUSD schools. Less than 10% of the students in LAUSD are white, and I’m pretty sure those few whites aren’t the rich ones who can afford private schools or who can move out of LAUSD. About 3/4 of LAUSD’s students are Hispanic. White people have almost no direct stake in what happens to LAUSD, although obviously what happens to students has indirect consequences for everyone.
To emphasize how little stake whites have in LAUSD, LAUSD has court rulings that make it cut funding to schools that go over 30% white. Yes, 30% white is too white for an LAUSD school.
I would guess that most of the employees, administrators, and union members are also non-white, so this whole thing isn’t much to do with white people.
There must be a significant number of students in LAUSD who are illegal aliens, and many more who are US-citizen children of illegal aliens, but LAUSD probably doesn’t publish any statistics on that. Doens’t matter, Plyler v. Doe decision says they have to educate everyone regardless of immigration status.
LAUSD currently spends about $10,000 per year per pupil, which is pretty close to the national average of $11,762. California as a state spends $11,495 per students, almost exactly the national average.

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Am I reading something wrong?

LA’s teachers are ready to strike on Tuesday, rejecting privatization of public education


I’m not sure I agree with Cory’s article. I’m not sure I don’t. I might lack certain prior knowledge necessary to understand what is happening here, but, kindly, it was very difficult to understand this article. Oligarchy, fucking Reagan, Christian grifters, educational racism, legal battles, bipartisan nature of education strikes, privatization, poverty. I just couldn’t comprehend the argument. Sorry!