AARP exec accidentally gave an honest answer about why "OK Boomer" is a thing


AARP exec accidentally gave an honest answer about why “OK Boomer” is a thing

Oh. So that’s what’s been bothering non-boomers… and justifies painting all boomers with the same brush? Really? S’okay with that?


This is exactly it. They traded our bright future for their money. They got to live on the earth while it was green, mostly unpolluted, the big wars had been fought and there was plenty for the well-to-do. And they’ll be dead before things get really bad, but they don’t care because they got theirs. While the rest of us are left to clean up their mess.

THIS is the genesis of OK, Boomer.

We could change it to: OK, you selfish FUCK. But OK Boomer is the nice version. They should be grateful for everything we are doing for them and are about to do after they are long gone.


Really? The retired school teachers living mostly on Social Security traded YOUR future for their money? Or did they help shape your future success while striking to get 0.5% raises every 10 years while your parents voted down every property tax increase?


Boomers didn’t cause global warming any more than any generation before or after them. They aren’t richer than any generation before or after them.

You’re conflating class conflict for generational conflict, and the billionaires are laughing all the way to the bank.




Myrna Blyth is an American editor and writer. Wikipedia

Born: March 22, 1939 (age 80 years)

Silent Generation…


Tell me who every Boomer was who ever got the OK Boomer thrown back at them. The entitled asshole ones on TV, that’s who. Not the schoolteachers and retired road workers. The entitled ones are the ones who sold us out.

Try to stay focused, please.


Then there’s no need for an OK Boomer meme, when you’re not going after Boomers, you’re going after rich assholes.

“Rich Asshole” even cuts out one syllable.

Right back atcha.

See, OK Boomer has the accuracy of a Storm Trooper.


I didn’t throw up the “what about the nice ones” defense. That was your line of reasoning. The general way that goes is poor for the arguer. Typically, ALL NICE PEOPLE are exempted from aspersions and epithets. Especially when we are, at the onset, describing folks who don’t give two shits about anyone else. Thus my comment to stay focused.

The term “OK Boomer” literally lumps all the (majority) of good ones with the bad ones. Thus, it’s a shitty term. If the targets of your scorn are privileged assholes, stay on target.

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No, because you are mistaking the use of OK Boomer. It comes out like a cudgel when a boomer says something stupid and then the insult gets directed at them. Nice people, by default, do not ever say something requiring the OK Boomer rejoinder. So, no, the term does not do what you are saying. It’s a rock that gets thrown at dumbasses.

I do agree with you that it’s a shitty term. But it’s shitty because it’s even needed in the first place. If Boomers didn’t have so many bad apples, we wouldn’t need it and we could just use the old terms like asshole or what-have-you.


It’s really more about an attitude than an age range - so there’s wiggle room. A boomer is this person - and a bit younger than her.

So the effective age is 1937 to 1972.

Cory Efram Doctorow
Born: July 17, 1971


That’s cute. Asshats come in all shapes, sizes, colors, ages, textures and flavors. If the best thing you can come up with is a dig at their Marketing Doofus Demographic Label, and often get it wrong(!), then it’s more of a self-own than a witty retort.

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But they exempted the nice people when they said those things.

It should just be implied that nice younger people are left out.


Watch Chloe Swarbrick self-own so hard she just shrinks away in shame… /s

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Your mileage may vary. Terms and conditions may apply. Void where prohibited. See your physician prior to taking OK Boomer. Serious side effects may occur.



Gen Xer, just hanging out over here eating some avocado toast while everyone is fighting.

Offers @Melz2 a magic picnic basket that conjures any snack you desire (whispers: and beverages toooo).


Same here.

I’ll have a peach-blueberry brioche tart and a bellini, thanks.



@Garymon: Another Gen-Xer here. I’ll take some pizza and a nice hard apple cider, if I may?