Above LA: gorgeous timelapse of Los Angeles, as seen from the air


It’s Koyaanisqatsi for a new century!


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Not from the air as that would be technically impossible but from an elevated position which does indeed yield a gorgeous result.

Actually, just an amendment, you could take a time lapse from the air but it wouldn’t look anything like this.

wow, that is amazing. playing that in full res on my computer monitor was unreal.
I did send the video to my sony via apple TV, too, but clearly the resolution was not the same - still looked great, though.

That brown haze above the city… Air? That’s what you call it?

/thinks Koyaanisqatsi is still the exemplar - the visual synched with the music much more betterly.

//Baraka, if you can manage to see the jaw-dropping 70mm copy, comes in as a close second.

If you had a helium drone that could do a reasonable job holding position, and an extremely high-resolution camera with an extremely wide-angle lens, I wonder if you could run the resulting video through one of those camera steadying algorithms to produce some decent timelapse that appears to be from a totally static viewpoint.

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