Gorgeous 4K hyperlapse of Los Angeles

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An impressively edited video, but I got a bit nauseous watching it.

I don’t usually get motion sickness (handle VR games fine), but something about this video made me squeamish.


I call this, “Restless Cameraman Syndrome” - when the guy holding the camera gets bored with the shot before the audience has had a chance to appreciate what makes the picture worth looking at in the first place.

It’s the same kind of nausea I get trying to watch FPV quadcopter videos. And porn.


I was gonna say if you want to find technically accomplished filmmakers it’s going to be in LA but it looks like these guys are Austrian. Well done.

Fuckinhell… keep the camera still!!!

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I’m almost as nauseous as I am when I’m really there.

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Technically astounding and some very clever and creative bits; but I found it a bit tedious.

Two things:

  1. Youtube doesn’t automatically default to 4k when viewing the video. Given that 4k is one of the major attractions of this one, make sure you make this change yourself.
  2. This would be a fascinating piece of slow television. half an hour or an hour of gorgeous, high-def time-lapse video showcasing various scenes from a typical LA day would be a soothing contemplative watch. I’m afraid the jump-cut-o-vision effect just really doesn’t work for me.

Just got my 4K monitor so I was sure to change it. Very impressive sharpness. At the end, I switched back to 1080P and restarted it and I could indeed tell the difference.

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From the description this is made up of sequences of still images.

I agree that the speed is an unrelenting issue and I can’t even imagine what it would be like to experience this on a large TV let alone cinema screen. This strikes me as the kind of edit where the editor is only referencing their own monitor size and is not considering the audience - the focus is centre and the framing is dictated by this myopic perspective.

Technically the edit is impressive and is essentially drawing attention to it’s own technical competence. This really is a show reel piece with the intention of perhaps getting a gig doing ‘this stuff’ - perhaps certain shots in a Michael Bay Film!

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Hyperlapse as I understand it is basically just sped up video while the camera is in motion, usually with digital stabilization so the camera looks like it’s on a rail.

This was a combination of a bunch of techniques but the most jarring was rotoscoping in artificial elements, like the starry skies that could never be filmed in LA or the lightless buildings which are probably at least retouched if not fully CGI. And the whip pan transitions are again nothing to so with hyperlapse. Argh.

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Even snuck in the Wilhelm Scream with the ferris wheel scene near the end. Cute.


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