A stunning 4K art tour of Burning Man 2019

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I guess this proves that I’m an old, but every once in a while, would it be possible to pause the camera movement, stop the spinning, and just linger so I can get a feel for the object that I’m looking at?


Clicking on the video pauses it. :+1:


Ha! Yeah, I realize that’s true. On the other hand, wouldn’t it be nice to have a slooowwwer look at the creative objects that are the purpose of the video? Perhaps pick an advantageous angle to catch the perspective and the scale and the light? Or is that too much like yelling, “Get off my lawn” at the whippersnappers?


I found this unwatchable, the editing of this makes me dizzy. I agree with llamaspit and suggest the footage works for itself without all the quick cuts and changes of speed.


you can go and click the wheel and playback at half speed or even…

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If I went to the Louvre or the MET and filmed the artworks like this I doubt it would be as palatable. But I guess it’s Black Rock City so meh. Anyone have footage of the turnkey camps?

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True, but then the sound is screwed up. It’s no big deal really. I’m just personally sick of quick cuts and over editing to make everything seem super hip, and to fit extremely short attention spans.


You can also adjust the playback speed of the video if you like. Or watch any of the hundred other videos from Burning Man on YouTube.

I must be old too. The “static / jumpy” cuts, the sped up circling around the art, the jump zooms, the SUPER fast cuts…It’s like someone didn’t actually want you to see the art, but REALLY wanted you to see their Super-cool-I’m-so-hip-style.

For future reference, editing is supposed to present the material, enhance the story, and not get in the way of actually seeing the content…

A couple of times I actually had to look away to not be ill…

If the person REALLY wanted to be of service, post a link to the raw footage so we can Actually SEE the art…


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so what do think will happen when 16k hits our shores

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I remember when I thought video glitch edits were cool. Now I just want to see clearly. I’m a lot less interested in hip style.

Definitely a talented media producer (I assume he’s officially with burning man in some capacity since he has pre-opening drone shots of building the Man). But I’d prefer a less flashy video. The art doesn’t really need the flash. (Fancy edit tricks are often used to make up for dull content, but this content doesn’t need that crutch.)

Photographer Gurps Chawla has posted some nice, clean shots of the art from this year’s Burning Man:


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