Drone's-eye-view of Burning Man




Hatin’ on The Man:


I like how they start brandishing their droneswatters at 4:40. Can’t say I blame them. Drone started getting all stalky at the first sight of bewbz.


You going to Burning Man this year?
Namaste home, but thanks anyway.


Some very nice footage… which very badly needs more variety and/or more editing.

I have friends who do Burning Man. I think my reaction is much the same as my reaction to the SCA Wars – while it is certainly possible to just go as tourist/student, I don’t know that I’d feel right going unless I had something more to contribute than appreciation and applause.


So Burning Man is basically Minecraft for real life?



A few weird artifacts from rolling shutter and auto stabilization aside, I really love this. Not all of us can actually make it to (or have ever seen) burning man, so this is really something to see.


Boy, whoever was flying that sure did like that horse. Yeah, there was a whole rest of the massive sprawling camp, but that horse was awesome. Also, boobs. Do kids these days really not know how to find boobs on the internet?

I was impressed by the quality and would have liked to have seen more, but I was far less impressed by either a real love and appreciation for horse statues or boobs.


It’s a coyote, actually. An impressive piece of interactive art which you had to experience in person to really understand. Don’t get in between a drone and its love for a coyote!

Sure, there was tons more to film, but I didn’t get much flying time in. Worked with what I had.


Nah. I have a job. I just thought the tumblr was funny.


2013 : the year the phrase “RC aircraft” was replaced by “drone”.

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