Abusing the Internet of Things: Blackouts, Freakouts, and Stakeouts

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Abusing the Internet of Things:


Maybe the Anarchist Cookbook is due for an update.


They’ve been pretty clever with this one: everything except the cover can be shared between “Abusing the Internet of Things” and “Using the Internet of Things”. Two books for the price of one!


Its been … hell… decades… since I pretended to be on top of security issues and a kickass multitalented IT sysmonkey.

But. As interesting as this sounds, and I really really tempted to buy and read it now, I have to wonder if our big issue with security in the current and upcoming Internet of Things is the fact that when you read:

you wonder why would anybody first reaction to this would be anything different from “Why in hell do I want my doorbell to be on the public internet”.


Although I agree with you. I will find out, or not, if somebody has been at the door. Some reading around told me that people want this, most in combination with a camera, to be able to see wherever they may be who is at the door. NOW, at that moment.

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You mean, like… a peephole. Yes, but… from my phone and without going to the door and all! Such amazing revolutionary technology! And only for the price of hooking my house systems to the open internet and having to become a full IT sysmonkey OF MY HOME for all the trivial stuff!

“Hey honey, I would like to go out with you, but there is a new vulnerability going around on the software I use to hook my toilet flush system to the internet so …”

All I’m saying is, too much work and too much risk for absolutely trivial gains of flashy “features” is what got us to the current mess of security we have for computer systems.

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I’m afraid you got the feeling…


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[yes yes, WrongLanguageException. but I like the gif]


Sounds simple. Either a raspi with a webcam, or perhaps even an ESP8266 and one of those UART-interfaced JPEG-on-chip cameras. Attach the signal from the door bell, and automatically take a photo and email it.


Maybe? If you don’t mind seeing a positive review every once in a while, I’m pretty sure this was one. 97% likely not to be passed along as an 8.3 filename by Amergin O’Kai, too. Though if the doorbell invoked the circle and got through a chalice rite of some sort, you may as well go sign for the package or thank whoever for picking up your CSA crate, right?

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